Welcome to McCusker Media's small corner of the world wide web dedicated to covering YAIAA Division III sports. Starting with the fall season, I am attempting to cover as many bases as I can around football and volleyball in 2022. I am a one man show at this point and can't get around to every sport, although I enjoy covering just about all of them. I chose division III because the schools are mostly local for me and I am an alum of Delone Catholic High School.

     This is an attempt to give fans an opportunity to follow their favorite schools/athletes throughout the season at a place that visually captures the artistic flow of sports. And in a perfect world, I would also keep track and update statistics for each player/team but that's not feasible given the circumstances.

     There are pages dedicated to each individual sport (football, volleyball) as well as each school within the conference. You'll find links to them located on the left side of this web page. So feel free to browse the site, and even explore a little bit of history as I've been photographing YAIAA sports teams for almost a decade now. I hope this site can provide a bit of a different flavor than the other news agencies that cover the YAIAA sports.

     Thanks, and enjoy! 


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FB22 Delone at Bermudian Springs 10 14 22-30

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